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Building Modular Homes in Chicagoland.
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Modular Homes Chicago Land Area. Modular Log Homes Now Available.

Modular Homes in Chicago.

Welcome. As a Custom Builder, Home Max will assist you in all phases of the home buying and building process to remove potential obstacles and make moving into your new Dream Home one of the best days of your life.
Modular Homes  with Home Max, have the best of both worlds: the quality of factory built housing with the choices of custom built. If you looking for nice design home with most options possible You have just found it.

Our floor plans range from small 800 square foot to 8,000 square foot mansions but without breaking the bank. Do not be intimated by beautiful look of our nice design homes. They don not cost more than stick built homes. 

Chicago modular homes
Prefab houses are a pretty big deal on the West Coast, but they never really caught on here in Chicago, largely because of all the red tape. The trouble is, when a new building is constructed in Chicago, city inspectors like to have a look at every step of the process, but they don't have a good system for inspecting components that were produced out of city of Chicago. That isn't getting in the way of the Chicago modular home that's going up in the 1400 block of West Town. Square Root Architecture has been working on plans for the 2,000 square-foot house for about three years, according to the firm's blog, and they finally broke ground last week. The builders are looking to get LEED Silver certification for the house, and they'll be using reclaimed barnwood and metal siding on the exterior and natural hickory and cork flooring in the interior.

Building Wonderful Modular homes in Chicago you will not believe it’s the case

Construction: Superior Building Materials!

No Risk
Our attention to detail starts at the core. We choose better building materials to ensure that we create homes that endure and that bring years of satisfaction to our Midwest homeowners.

Energy savings, reliability, and added home value are just a few of the benefits of choosing a Home Max in Midwest. Find out more about our energy-conscious building approach by visiting or calling today.

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